Ikebana Land Art installation bamboo Zen Gate exhibition in Belgian Mational Botanical Garden in Meise 2015 by Ekaterina Seehaus ikebanaPRO.com


Is the word “special” present in your event’s name? If yes, we have a common starting point. Creating unique, one of a kind experiences is where we add the most value: transform your venue, crate desired atmosphere, impress your guests, make them remember the event and talk about it long after it is over.

For the complete transformation effect we offer full venue decoration with flower walls, floor to ceiling floral installations and even suspended overhead floral designs. You can also select individual options à la carte from our range:

  • grand floral arrangement at the entrance
  • outside arrangement or land art installation
  • floral back drops for taking pictures or flower frames for the same purpose
  • large installations for stages
  • buffet area decoration
  • centerpieces for dinner tables

For weddings we also provide bridal bouquets. It is our aim to create unique flower arrangement for each bride to reflect her personality.

For more information on the proposal process, service scope and pricing see our “How to order” section.

Contact us: ekaterina@ikebanaPRO.com, +32-479-451-422

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