Modern flowers arrangement by Ekaterina Seehaus

Gift of Flowers

What gift do you give somebody who has everything? The obvious answer is flowers. Flowers are a universal gift suitable for any occasion and any person. Here is what we offer:

Flowers for Women

Give a woman flowers and she will be instantly happier, promise. This works. Every time.

It is best to have the arrangement personalized to show the thought you put into it. We are happy to work on it with you. We will give you a couple of ideas or options to start with if you like.

Tip: to get the best value out of your investment take a picture of the recepient with the flowers so that she can put it on social media (if she is into it of course) – every time she gets a like it is like you gave her the flowers all over again.

Flowers for Men

Yes, men do like flowers. Not all men but many. Giving flowers to men becomes more and more popular. Fathers’ day is a good example of dads being happy recipients of our creations.

The design should be masculine looking to be appropriate though. Our creations are inspired by the art of ikebana, which is inherently masculine. It originated in ancient Japan and for centuries was practiced only by Buddhist priests and samurai, exclusively male naturally. This historical influence is still noticeable in the modern day ikebana and you can give your partner a truly male floral creation, which will be combining art and nature.

Flowers for friends, family and colleagues

For any special occasions such as birth of a child, marriage, promotion, retirement we create individually designed arrangements. We offer contemporary style, original designs, which are unique and made to you specific requirements.

We also create arrangements for memorials, which can be placed both inside and outside.

Personalized gifts

Using a special container for a flower arrangement sometimes could put your gift in a whole new category. An old treasure box, or a model of a dream boat or a vehicle, any old memorable item can help you share the sentiment beyond the flowers themselves. We are always excited to work on your special gift ideas and create more happiness in the world.

Let us know what you are looking for: e-mail, +32-479-451-422 or fill in our inquiry form.


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