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We are delighted to welcome new IkebanaPRO clients. To start collaborating with you we would like to understand your needs first. Please give us a call at +32-479-451-422 or fill in our inquiry form.

If you signed up for our newsletter you can get a free consultation with one of our team representatives. This offer is valid for all the territory of Belgium and several locations globally such as Tokyo (Japan), Moscow (Russia), Mumbai (India), Vienna (Austria). For other locations we are happy to start the conversation with an on-line video meeting.


Once we are clear on your needs, preferences, location, timing, budget we will submit 3 proposals for your consideration. Proposals include sketches of the arrangements integrated in your interior.

After your approval the selected arrangement(s) will be created. We will collaborate with the venue to arrange the logistics for the set up and removal of the installation on site. For longer term contracts, which include maintenance of the flower arrangements for more than 1 week we will set up a regular maintenance schedule acceptable to the venue.


All the works are custom made for each individual client and so are the prices. As a part of the offer you will receive several budget proposals to help you see influence of the selected material and other options on the final price. All prices are inclusive of the design, installation and removal of the arrangements. We are committed to optimize the design in order to deliver the best value possible.



Seasonal Decorations - Easter. Golden Egg Ikebana installation by Ekaterina Seehaus Materials: willow branches, ranunculus, flowaring forsythia branches.
“Seasonal decoration – Easter”, a focal point arrangement
"Its a boy!" flower arrangement created for a new mother by Ekaterina Seehaus
“Its a boy!” flower arrangement created for a new mother, a gift arrangement with vase
Exitic large ikebana arrangement by Ekaterina Seehaus
“Exotic theme”, a floor to ceiling arrangement

Most of the projects involve several arrangements combined to achieve the desired impression. Therefore we offer packages to provide comprehensive service.

Our aim is to bring the beauty of nature to you and to make the whole experience harmonic from the beginning to the end.

Give us a call +32 – 479 451 422 or e-mail to let us help you make that special occasion unforgettable.
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